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Consumer group objects to Chrysler bankruptcy, says customers could be stranded without warranty

Chyrsler Jeep Dodge Bankruptcy Raises Warranty Questions

Chrysler Jeep Dodge Bankruptcy Raises Warranty Questions

Consumer Groups Say 10 Million Vehicle Owners Will Be Left In The Lurch – Strange Catch 22 As Taxpayers Bear The Cost Of Their Own Demise!

A number of consumer groups this week filed an objection to the bankruptcy arrangement, saying Chrysler car owners will be left in the lurch after the automaker’s bankruptcy. They say that if you own a Chrysler vehicle and have an accident that you believe was caused by a manufacturing defect, you would be out of luck. You could not sue Chrysler for damages, they say.  Further questions are raised as to the viability of the Lifetime Powertrain Warranty.  More to follow on this and how it will shape the future for GM.

Chrysler reveals more details on plans to cut 789 dealers by June 9

Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Cutting back production and right-sizing brands and lineups is just one aspect of the restructuring underway at the hands of the U.S. federal government. Earlier this week hard cuts in both labor and dealership numbers were discussed, foreshadowing the next steps to come, and today a Chrysler memo revealed that up to 789 dealers will be eliminated by June 9. In a conference call on the matter, Chrysler’s vice chairman and president Jim Press and North American sales and marketing chief Steven Landry discussed how the changes would be made, and what would happen to the inventory at the closed dealers.  Click here for the list of dealers on the chopping block. Continue reading