Expansion effort underway. Chicken or egg?

Chicken or egg?After quite a long dormancy(two and a half years), Dealer Development Services is looking to create a new business unit adjunct to GetMyCarForMe.com.  This new division seeks to take advantage of used car marketing efficiencies provided by current internet conditions.  Mumbo jumbo, right?  Wrong, just can’t spill the beans yet.  However…the amusing thing in the current economic state of our nation is small business lending.  As we are in the midst of the process with numerous lending institutions and angels what is fascinating is the basic lending premise:  lender gives money and gets back money and interest justifying the loan and associated risk.  However, in that very process is the question of what justifies a lend?  How much sales?  One lender said if you had more sales we could give you more money, but we need more money to capitalize operations so we can make more sales!  So tell me, which came first, the money or the sales…the chicken or the egg.  To be continued…

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